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WOMEN SIPPING ON LIFE (with doctor shannon)

Jun 30, 2018

Today I’m attempting to explain “life’s work” in a way that'll set you free – if you’ve ever struggled with knowing exactly what your life’s work or purpose really is. This episode is going to be a big sip. So big that you may need to chew on it a bit.

This topic of “life’s work” has been one that...

Jun 29, 2018

If this was YOUR last day of life, would your life know that you LOVED IT WELL? Today's episode is a continuation of yesterday's episode. (EPISODE 311: How To Become The Great Lover Of Your Life.)

What does it look like to be the great lover of your life? To make love with your life? We never know when our final hour...

Jun 29, 2018

In today's episode I reveal the 5 Engagements of becoming a great lover. If your experience of life isn't the love story you thought it would be, this message will help you create one that is. Your Happily Ever After awaits...

Are you a great lover of your life?

My desire is that by the time we’re done with this...

Jun 27, 2018

Oh my goodness, it happened. I got a ticket today, and this is what I learned…


It’s costing you.


It’s causing LOSS in your life.

You can do something about it today.

Before YOU expire, FIND YOURSELF.

If you don’t FIND, you will be FINED.

“Pay attention, or eventually you’ll...

Jun 26, 2018

Are you willing to stand UP and NOT agree with something you don’t agree with?

Here's how...

- Keep your eyes on the grand vision. That’s right, remember your overall vision.

- Be popular with YOU. Stand WITH yourself.

- Own it, and BE CONFIDENT.

Follow your heart.

Whether people like it, or not.

You don’t...