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WOMEN SIPPING ON LIFE (with doctor shannon)

Apr 30, 2019

Do you need to become the great laugher of your life?

Today’s been a tough day. I was asked to recall many painful details regarding the car accident that killed both my parents. It wasn’t easy.

Remembering painful events is painful. Period.


It reminds me of how incredible laughter can be in times of loss,...

Apr 29, 2019

These are the next 3 steps...

However, if you never get alone, you’ll always feel alone.

Kim McMillen shared, “When I loved myself enough I began to feed my hunger for solitude and revel in the inexplicable contentment that is its companion.”

What are YOU feeding?

Your feelings about being alone?

Your findings...

Apr 28, 2019

However, even if you're going the wrong direction, at least you’re going...

Kim McMillen said, "When I loved myself enough I saw beyond right and wrong and became neutral. At first I thought this was indifference. Now I see the clarity that comes from neutrality."

Get clear about these three things, and avoid a lot...

Apr 27, 2019

Kim McMillen discovered, “When I loved myself enough I learned to say no when I want to and yes when I want to.”

The key here is “when I want to.”

Define when?

Define want?

If not you, then who?

If not now, then when?

Remember, WANT will keep you WANTING.


What are your desires, my dear?

Know. Grow.

Or NO...

Apr 26, 2019

Kim McMillen reminds us, “When I loved myself enough, I learned to stop what I am doing, if even for a moment, and comfort the part of me who is scared.”

Comfort yourself in those moments when you feel scared.

It builds trust.


It builds relationship.

It builds love.

And this, my dear, is how you begin loving...