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WOMEN SIPPING ON LIFE (with doctor shannon)

Aug 28, 2017


H.E.A.L. Your Life…

What does that mean? 

More importantly, what can it mean for YOU and YOUR LIFE? 

It’s about H.E.A.L.ING your life and life’s work, so you can love your life and life’s work well. 

Today I’m going to teach you four (4) things that make up the process of H.E.A.L.ING your life. 

How does that sound?

I hope you’ve been doing your SACRED S.O.L. STEPS each day. Your Daily Action To Engage with yourself, so you’re able to sip on life daily. 

This process of sipping on life daily is about doing a little bit each day. Making sure you’re tuned into how you’re feeling, and how you’re doing your life each day. And most importantly, how you’re BEING while you’re doing what you’re doing. 

That’s not a new concept. But it’s something that must be practiced every day. It’s the practice of AWARENESS.

Become aware of what you’re aware of. Become conscious. Practice the art of conscious living. Conscious loving. Conscious healing. 

Everything began to shift for me in this process. 

So what does it mean to H.E.A.L. your life? 

In my heightened consciousness, I had the awareness that even though I was working with patients each day (including patients with cancer), and seeing a lot of miraculous healing and transformations in people’s lives, there was still something missing. A deeper healing. 

That missing piece was the incredible connection between the head and the heart.

You’ve heard me talk about it.

It’s “The Disengagement Syndrome.” 

I’ve experienced it in my own life. I’ve also seen it in the lives of my patients and coaching clients.

When we begin to disengage from our heart, we stay in our head.

If you stay in your head, you’re dead. 

You will not be able to heal at the level that’s available to you if you think it’s a head game. 

The head must follow the heart.

Your heart must lead this game called, “Your Life.” 

As I became aware of it in my own life, and saw the incredible healing power of this connection between the head and heart, I began to teach it to my patients and coaching clients.

It’s been so transformational!

Today I’m going to teach you four (4) things that make up this process of H.E.A.L.ING your life. 

Healing the connection between your head and heart. 

  1. H: Hope.

What does that mean to you? 

How do you feel about getting your HOPES UP? 

It’s in your HOPE that you’ll find your H.E.A.L.ING.

HOPE is belief, desire, and trust. 

Do you trust? 

God, yourself, the process, your desires, and what you believe? 

Get your HOPES UP. 

Hope is an incredible, healing, miraculous force. 

  1. E: Energy. 

ENGAGED energy. 

Are you engaging with the energy that is YOU? 

You ARE energy. 

You are life. 

Life is energy. 

It’s time to move beyond “The Disengagement” and begin to engage with YOU, how, what, and why you feel the way you do. 

It’s engaging.

Begin to pay attention to what you feel, think, what you hope for, and your level of energy and life. 

What do you desire, and what gives you energy?

  1. A: Awareness.

What are you consciously aware of? 

Or are you in the mode of default or “automatic pilot?” 

Automatic pilot will put you in a holding pattern that continues to circle your life while you’re being disengaged.

It’s like putting your foot on the gas and the brake. All while you’re going in reverse.

Going around in circles. 

Are you willing to become aware of what you’re aware of, and become consciously aware of the words coming out of your mouth? 

Out of your heart come words that’ll give you clues about what you believe, desire, and trust. 

  1. L: Love. 

Love your life. No matter how it feels…even if it doesn’t feel awesome. The only way to create an awesome life is to love it exactly where it is right now.

The only way to H.E.A.L. YOU and your life…is to accept and embrace where you are right now.

To acknowledge it. 

Acceptance doesn’t mean that you accept it and STOP. 

It means you accept, embrace, acknowledge, and begin to LOVE YOU exactly where you are today. This includes YOUR LIFE. 

If you desire to love your life and life’s work well, it starts with H.E.A.L.ING.... 

Your HOPE. 



Your LOVE. 

Begin to pour that energy on your life. 

You’ll not only H.E.A.L. it, but this is called, “Sipping On Your Life.” 


Grab your journal.

Your Daily Action To Engage is to take a look at your life. 

  1. Where does your life need H.E.A.L.ING?
  3. Where are you willing to get your HOPES UP? Where are you willing to put your ENERGY? What are you aware of?
  4. Write down: I LOVE _____________. (Whatever it is that needs H.E.A.L.ING in your life today.) 

Thanks for being here! Sipping on life.

I love and appreciate you.

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xo This is Dr. Shannon.

Inspiring minds that want to grow and hearts that want to know, so you can love you, your life, and your life’s work well. ONE SIP AT A TIME.

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